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Manchester : Japanese-English or French Interpreter

For all your needs concerning Japanese-English or Japanese-French translation and interpreting in Manchester and in other cities of the U.K., Concordia Traduction will provide you a high-quality standards service thanks to its professional team of translators and interpreters.

We have experience in the fields of luxury goods, fashion, cosmetics, beauty products, perfumery, leather goods, shoes, jewelry, watches, tableware, food, wine, hotels, restaurants, tourism, architecture, art, industry, aerospace, food, automotive, chemicals, construction, energy, IT, engineering, pharmaceuticals, textiles, agriculture, environment, sustainable development, sports, entertainment, video games, manga, animation, music and cinema, etc.

Do not hesitate to consult us regarding your projects.

For a list of previous and current clients, click here.

Looking for a Japanese-English or French interpreter for consecutive or simultaneous interpretation ?

If you need a legal translation, a financial translation, a technical or scientific translation, a translation for corporate communication or a translation for luxury market, please click on the link.

From Manchester, we can provide interpreting and translation services in the main cities of U.K., including : Birmingham, Cambridge, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glagow, Leeds, Liverpool, Oxford, Southampton, etc.

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- interpreter, translator, interpreting, consecutive, simultaneous, whispering, liaison, conference, Japanese, English, French.
- interpretation, translation, consecutive, simultaneous, whispering, liaison, conference, Japanese, English, French.

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